A Grateful Customer

Mr. Frank Fiallo

RBP Maintenance

Dear Mr. Fiallo;

I wanted to thank you and your employees for all of the work that you have done at our house. You and your team went above and beyond the call of duty to take care of the many repairs and changes that we needed.

It all started with the sub-flooring needing to be repaired in the bathroom and dining room. That in itself was a huge job, especially when your crew found out that nothing was square in our house and your team needed to make it that way.

While working on the bathroom floor, it was noted that the cabinet countertop needed to be replaced due to swelling. When checking into this, we found out that our size was no longer made, making us purchase a new cabinet and sink. At that point, we decided to completely re-do the bathroom. You were gracious… stood there right with us and helped us with every step necessary to complete our bathroom. This included putting in a walk-in shower with glass door, bench seat, tiled cubicles in the shower for shampoo, conditioner, razors, etc. Also installed were handicap bars for when we would need them. You installed a new cabinet, sink, mirror, lights, new hardware, gorgeous crown molding with end caps and painted the walls and ceiling. You did extra things to make sure that everything fit perfectly. You even took a piece that I bought and cut it down to fit exactly in the corner that I needed it to fit. Not many places of business would have bothered to do that. You really took care of us!

This moved us on to paint the hall, living room and stain new baseboards. You hung right on in there with us. We also put in new electrical plugs in the living room and kitchen. Your team hung pictures for us and also hung new wooden blinds throughout the whole house. What a maintenance team!!!

We went on to put in a new stove and microwave. And this wasn’t an easy plug-in job either. Our old stove was hard wired-in, so you either had to hard wire in the new one or make a plug for us; which is what you did. Then, the microwave had to be vented through the wall because of our vaulted ceilings. That was the best way in order for it not to show. Your team didn’t grumble but went right to work on it. So, now the microwave vent also pulls the hot air from the oven out the wall and out under the house. I also remember a door having to be cut shorter after the sub-flooring was replaced and the new wood floors installed. Your company did that as well. Nothing was too small for your company to do.

Now, let’s get to the outside. You made repairs to the small side deck, all the steps, rails and underpinning leading up to it. You replaced any cedar that needed repair on the fireplace. You also prepared the house for staining by pressure washing it and both front and back porches. Then, you stained the whole house and both porches one color. And used another color on the door and window casings… making the house beautiful!! You then installed a brass kick plate on the front door.

When I asked for ten-inch numbers to be cut out of wood; not only did you take care of it, but you gave me two sets. One stained the color of the window casings to go up on the side of the house and another also stained that color and then placed on a board stained the color of the house to be put on a tree. All this so: 1) The ambulance could find us if we needed them and;

2) Packages and mail could get to us instead of the neighbors. Other contractors would have laughed at that request but not you. Many thanks to you and your crew!!!

And this isn’t all! You had Steve come with his crew and build our three fantastic retaining walls and drainage ramp. I’ve never seen a company quite like yours and I’m so thankful to God that our paths crossed that day!!!

All of your employees were great! After all of this was over, I felt like I was losing family. You have superior employees, high work ethics, and a great company!!! We will recommend your company to everyone we talk to.

May God bless ALL of your endeavors!!!


Deon Ellis

Ms. Deon Ellis

Corbin and Deon Ellis

3527 Bear Creek Road

Tallahassee, FL 32308


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